Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Integrated Building Management (IBMS) is a complete information delivery system that monitors and controls a variety of systems and functions at an optimal level of efficiency.


Building Automation System

BAS System is a micro processor control system designed to monitor and control of all parameters of HVAC, Electrical, PHE, Fire Protection, Elevators and other building services/utilities. The intent is in conserving energy by executing various energy efficient programs for optimized performance of the various systems and to assist the operation and maintenance of the installation.

Fire Detection & Alarm System

Addressable fire detection & alarm system is designed as per NFPA 72 in accordance to the project requirement and to meet the operator's design guidelines and also to meet the AHJ requirements. Main/ repeater fire alarm control panel, smoke / heat detectors, visual/ audible strobes, manual call points are integral components of the system and are well coordinated with the code design requirement and to meet the architectural/ interior requirements.

Public Address System

Public Address System is used for emergency voice evacuation and announcement and is customized for the project as per the requirement of the installation. The system comprise of head end equipment, distribution equipment, reception equipment.

Security System

We design low profile, user-friendly, integrated security system with camouflaged hardware using state-of-art technology with a near optimum blend of human resources, and a cost effective system which is evolved to provide basic protection and security cover for the assets within the premises. The system is designed to be discreet enough to blend with the ambience and yet be effective enough to achieve its basic goal of protection. The Security System for the complex comprises of perimeter protection for intruder detection; access control system and electronic surveillance.

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