Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Green Buildings Benefits

Dismissed as a fad until some years ago, most mature organizations around the world are now willing to give the Green Building concept a serious thought. Although the journey is far from over, yet the comforting fact is that this issue features prominently among the long-term strategies of many medium and large size companies across the globe.

Thanks to the efforts of the United Nations and other international bodies, decision makers now increasingly realize that we cannot afford to have a myopic vision when it comes to the future of the planet. The simple logic being that our planet's ecology can be in real danger until some genuine efforts are made in the direction of creating energy efficient buildings.

So what exactly is the concept? Put simply, Green Building refers to the concept of reducing its impact upon the environment by making optimum use of the various resources such as power, water and other materials. This can be accomplished by integrating 'green' principles throughout the building life cycle through the steps of site selection, design, construction, operation, maintenance and even dismantling.

The benefits of Green Building are not limited to the environment alone. Organizations that have implemented these principles have experienced various tangible and intangible benefits including:

• Reduced operating costs

• Improved productivity

• Reduced consumption of resources

• Minimal environmental impact

• Enhanced image and goodwill

These are just known benefits, there are many more benefits and those are unseen. This is one of the best technique to save our environment with pollution.

Jack Albert is a dedicated writer, writes for Spectral, which provides green building services and building simulation consultancy. Also provides consultancy for energy efficient building.