Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Salient Features of Green Building

Minimum Air Conditioning Load
Each tonne of refrigeration (TR) caters to more than 300 Sqft (Normal buildings in India require 150-200 Sqft / TR) of air conditioned area, despite higher fresh air intake. This is achieved through specially selected double glazing for each orientation, and by ensuring that all external walls and exposed roofs are well insulated, thus minimizing the air conditioning load.

Lighting Power Density
Energy efficient general lighting power density is less than 10 W / ( Normal is 20 W/Sqmt), as per LEED requirements.

Power Consumption
Annual power consumption for Green Office building is generally less than 250 KWH / for normal 12 hours / day operation (Normal buildings are 400 KWH /

Excellent Indoor Air Quality
Fresh air requirement is 3% higher than ASHRAE 62.1 - 2004, to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ). Therefore personnel working indoor are always subject to generous quantity of treated fresh air, which keeps them fresh and energetic even after extended working hours, thereby improving productivity. Fresh air is generally supplied on-demand basis monitored thru CO2 level in return air.

Treated Fresh Air
Treated fresh air AHU is provided with heat recovery wheel (HRW) to minimize the air conditioning load by reducing the ambient air temperature before it passes through the cooling coil of the space AHUs.

Visible Light Transmittance
Glass for windows is specified for superior visible light transmittance allowing maximum harnessing of day-light (without adding glare on computer screen) thus reducing energy consumption through electrical light fixtures throughout the day.

Water Conservation
Water conservation is achieved through Zero Discharge, that is, entire effluent is treated in Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP), and treated water is recycled as makeup for air conditioning and DG sets cooling towers, for flushing in WCs and urinals, and for gardening.

Rain Water Harvesting System
Rain Water Harvesting System: Rain water harvesting system with filteration is provided. This water can be used for cars / car parking washing and for general washing.

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Advantage of green buildings

Financial - Building green, if pursued early in the building design process has better life cycle cost than conventional building due to reduced utility, maintenance and replacement costs.

Social - Improved indoor air quality, natural day-lighting and user comfort combine to boost productivity and reduce absenteeism in green buildings. Local economies benefit by the greater emphasis placed on purchasing locally produced goods and services in order to minimize embodied energy - the amount of energy needed to bring goods and services from greater distances.

Environmental - Less site disturbance, more durable products that harmlessly decompose, and structures that actually produce their own usable energy through solar photovoltaic or other renewable sources are all examples of environmentally friendly design and construction. These and other environmentally benign features and approaches combine to reduce the amount of resource extraction from and adverse impacts upon the natural world. Green building means learning to build with nature.

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