Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spectrual Design and Consultancy

A structural engineer’s ability to enhance the value of buildings for their owners, architects and users is often under-estimated. It is this image that Spectral’s Structural Division is all set to change.

With its deep domain expertise, our structural division works in close coordination with the architect to develop and design the building from concept stage through to the levels of fine detail and construction. A structure, apart from its functions, spatial dimensions and configuration, must be capable of carrying loads imposed on it by the weight of the building, the activities carried inside and external forces. The Support Structure must have the necessary strength and stiffness to resist vertical loads as caused by gravity, and horizontal loads as caused by other external forces such as strong winds or earthquakes. Additionally, stability and serviceability are also essential elements in any structure.

General Design Determinants

The design of buildings evolves out of a complex interactive process, and addresses the following criteria in addition to building the support structure:

* Building context (including legal restrictions)
* Building safety (fire & health)
* The Building as an organization of spaces
* The Building as an activity & functioning system
* The Building as an enclosure & its climate control
* The Building as an architecture
* The Building as a construction process and as an assembly
* The Building as an economy

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