Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Advantage of green buildings

Financial - Building green, if pursued early in the building design process has better life cycle cost than conventional building due to reduced utility, maintenance and replacement costs.

Social - Improved indoor air quality, natural day-lighting and user comfort combine to boost productivity and reduce absenteeism in green buildings. Local economies benefit by the greater emphasis placed on purchasing locally produced goods and services in order to minimize embodied energy - the amount of energy needed to bring goods and services from greater distances.

Environmental - Less site disturbance, more durable products that harmlessly decompose, and structures that actually produce their own usable energy through solar photovoltaic or other renewable sources are all examples of environmentally friendly design and construction. These and other environmentally benign features and approaches combine to reduce the amount of resource extraction from and adverse impacts upon the natural world. Green building means learning to build with nature.

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